IT Support

We focus on providing excellent B2B support through process and then advise on the technical solutions.

With rapidly changing technologies & exponentially increasing business demands, there is a constantly generating need of a highly dependable, robust & scalable IT support. A reliable IT Services adds value to existing IT infrastructure, keeping business up & running. We provide a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions. We cover supply, installation, configuration and technical support of all computer related software, hardware, networking, training, Internet, email solutions, and much more. We can help you realize the benefits of your company’s IT investment by providing real solutions to your business problems. Our services cover Software Development, Web Design, Network Solutions, Maintenance and Support.

Whether you need technical support for mobile phones, computers, televisions, software products or other technical products, we have the experience you can depend on. If you still have access to the Internet, we might even be able to resolve your problems remotely without ever having to come to your door, which reduces the cost of support. If we do need to visit you, our friendly engineers have a wealth of experience in dealing with every problem you might encounter and 90% of problems are resolved there and then.

Our technical support service spans many communication channels including voice, live chat, email, and text messaging so your customers can communicate with us in the most convenient way for them.

What Exactly Does Login Infocom Give You For IT Support?

  • Remote Support Service
  • On-Site Visits (Depending on contract level)
  • Security Maintenance
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Email Issues
  • Networking Issues